A Brief on Martuvam

“Martuvam is an initiative by Mr. Shivraj, his family and friends.”


Martuvam Healing Forest is a 7.5 acre medicinal forest and garden in the western periphery of Auroville near the Tamil village of Annainagar. Beginning in 2002, Sivaraj, his wife Malar, their three children,
and friends of Auroville have used traditional cultivation and harvesting techniques to turn their barren plot of land into a multi-dimensional healing centre and educational haven.

Mission – Our aim is to grow and provide medicinal herbs to the community. We are committed to educating everyone about the traditional Indian medicine system of “Siddha” and encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

On Siddha Medicine

One of the oldest medical systems know to mankind, this system originated from Tamil Nadu of south India as part of the trio Indian medicines – Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. This system was extremely popular in ancient India and is considered to be one of the most ancient traditional medical systems in south India.

Martuvam is a continuously growing center that requires a lot of energy and innovation.


Siddha Medicine Clinic

Under the Siddha guru Dr. Salvarasu (one of South India’s renowned Siddha practitioners), Sivaraj has received a Diploma in Siddha Medicine(DSMS), which is a traditional form of South-Indian healing that is similar to Ayurvedic herbal healing. Using plants harvested from Martuvam and around Auroville, Sivaraj provides consultations and treatments, massages, workshops in different alternative healing methods, and education and information about herbal wellness practices. In collaboration with Dr. Charles, BIMS, AMRC. Sivaraj provides his services to the community at Martuvam Ayurvedic Healing Centre with prior appointment.

Martuvam offers Siddha treatment and consultation in Herbal Medicine. Discover Tamil Nadu’s traditional medicine on appointment by calling 9345454232.

The Healing Forest and Herbal Garden

Martuvam is home to thousands of medicinal plants, bushes and trees of more than 100 varieties. The plants are grown organically without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides and are used directly in medicine prepared at the Siddha Clinic.
Furthermore the Healing Forest is a place where villagers and guests can learn about the healing qualities of the plants. Martuvam conducts workshops, clinics, volunteer opportunities and forest walks. Local villagers are welcome to collect plants as they need.


Work on the new Herbal Garden began in 2006. Still in its early stages, this project will increase the number and variety of medicinal plants available, as well as create new opportunities to learn about the cultivation and harvesting of traditional herbs.


Martuvam can also offer you a space for your own healing practice.

Martuvam Organic Green Tea (IMO Certified)

Martuvam Organic Green Tea is today an important part of healthy living in Homes and Workplaces around the world. The antioxidants in the green tea helps protect the healthy cells and tissues from free radicals formed naturally from environmental factors like stress, pollution, pesticides and exposure to sun light.

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